Digi Script option 1:

Digital assistants are a varied bunch. Some are simple animated creatures like myself, others are highly complex types powered by AI and neural networks that can actively learn, develop and hold conversations.

Sometimes people get annoyed at me for talking over them. It’s like I can’t even hear them - not my best trait! Actually, the ability to properly listen and respond is one of the main difference between animations like me and AI assistants like Nadia, the new digital assistant for the NDIS.  Remember that unlike me, some digital assistants are really good listeners.

Digi Script option 2:

This is my clever friend Nadia, the digital assistant for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


She is powered by AI, where as I am an animated assistant. Her development and branding was much more complex than mine - that’s why she’s much smarter! We are  just two examples of the broad range of digital assistants available.

Sorry, I’m animation-splaining! I’ll let Nadia tell you more about her… Bye for now!

Digi Script option 3:

In some ways, a digital assistant is just like a human employee. It’s not just about what they can do, but how well they align with your organisation’s values. If your digital assistant is going to speak directly to your clients, you need to trust that it can represent you well. A digital assistant needs to have the tech knowledge of an IT wizard and the people skills of your organisation’s most charismatic brand ambassador. Let me show you what I mean…(show examples)

Holding place for more complex commissioned animation, with one of the scripts on right

OR rewrite intro to not be in DIGI first person

Nadia is the new digital assistant for the the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Digital Workforce CEO Annie O’Rourke and her team were responsible for creating Nadia’s personality and successfully introducing her to the NDIS participants who communicate with her.

Nadia was designed by and for people with disability, and her face is a real-time simulation of a human face and voice, driven by a neural network which simulates how the brain works. Infact, her combination of an avatar user interface, cognitive intelligence, and deep co-design is a world first.

ADD NADIA VIDEO/OUTCOMES (if Nadia has been launched, how many have used her, etc)

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